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DESIGNING THE COLLECTIONS: Creative Director and Lead Designer Cheryl “Cejae” Jones has always been someone who strives to create originality with a seductive flair. She sorts through hundred of ideas, allowing herself to be open to the creative process of revision and refinement. Pushing the envelope and challenging the public with her new and daring designs.

FIT IS EVERYTHING: After finalizing the design’s Cejae creates pattern after pattern until she has established the perfect fit. When creating the ideal fit she keeps in mind the natural curve and shape of the female form. Every piece is meticulously measured and multiple samples are made to test for comfort, fit, and visual appeal. Culminating months of work to assure the perfect fit for each of her customers.

FABRIC BY DESIGN: When sourcing fabric Cejae uses her Graphic Design background to create one of kind prints for each line she produces. Adding that extra measure to ensure authenticity and diversity among the crowd.  She also sources from local and stateside locations for additional fabric to further enhance her own original prints. 

CUT TO ORDER: At Asherah Swimwear we pride ourselves on making sure each piece is cut to size. Unlike other brands our swimwear is hand-cut and made to order. Creating a since of pride and ownership for each piece that leaves our studio doors.  Each collection is made in limited quantity to ensure exclusivity for our discerning clientele.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Quality and technical skill goes in to every piece Asherah Swimwear produces. Keeping high production standards and enlisting skilled seamstress. We hire the most skilled and technically experienced sewers to help create our high-end pieces. Paying premium wages not only because we are proudly made in America, but also because we believe the backbone of our company lies in the artisans we enlist to construct them. Asherah is a brand with heart and awareness. Each employee is more than their given title, we're a family.

DETAILS: Each individual piece takes 1 to 3 hours to make from the cutting table to the sewers hands. Each piece goes through a production quality check. Then our signature gold metal emblem is hand sewn on every piece.  

PICTURE PERFECT: Each model is hand picked by Cejae and her team that are best suited to represent the brands look. The girls are styled with clean natural make up, allowing the model to shine in their natural form. With sun kissed skin, beach inspired hair, and a peachy lip. The team looks to pair each girl with a suit that matches her personality and un-wavering confidence. Working with local photographers and talent who have helped build what is now known as the Asherah brand. 

MADE IN DALLAS: From our strive for perfection, to our bold confidence and personalities, we're proud to reside and work in the multicultural community of Dallas Texas.