Creative in design and bold in presentation. Asherah Swimwear is a brand that was created for the woman who exudes confidence and seeks to define her own individuality with one of a kind pieces to match.

With a love for white sandy beaches and bronzed bathed skin Creative Director and Designer Cheryl “Cejae” Jones was inspired by the the leisure lifestyle of the summer culture. Presented with the challenge to produce a bold statement with a risqué twist. Cejae has flawlessly developed a look that has set her apart from the competition and redefined the the definition of sexy.

Asherah Swimwear has embodied the idea of what it means to be seductive, sultry, and alluring. By celebrating the female form using colorful patterns and tempting designs. Cejae has created a brand that brings a new sense of excitement and innovation to the idea of swimwear.

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